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Individual Therapy
Life presents challenges. We can all benefit from receiving help getting through these obstacles. Individual therapy can help address life transitions, mood disruptions, personal growth, school challenges, family life, divorce, parenthood, impulse control, motherhood, loss, behavioral concerns, stagnation, infertility, peer relationships, stress, self esteem, spirituality, trauma and more.

Family Therapy
Many families face difficult transitions that benefit from therapeutic guidance. Therapy can help families facing loss, transition or challenges in communication which affects a family's ability to continue to function in healthy ways. Family therapy is a unique experience for everyone and is an opportunity to express themselves in an environment where each member can be heard. 

​Play Therapy
Play is a child's first and natural language and is the best method for communicating with most children. Through play, a child can explore and process difficult emotions that may be impossible to express in any other way. 

Parent Coaching
 Often, parents feel stuck and are looking for guidance and support. Coaching is a collaborative approach to help parents find solutions that fit their parenting style. Through Filial Therapy, parents are trained to provide special play time to their children, similar to play therapy. You can learn how to reconnect with your child and form a new kind of bond! 

Couples Counseling
Whether we like it or not, relationships take work, especially when we are in partnership with another human trying to juggle all of our roles at work, in our families and communities! Couples counseling can help two individuals gain insight into their relationship, resolve conflict and improve their connection. It can also be used to help couples get ready to make commitments to one another. Couples Counseling can be of huge benefit to any relationship, regardless of the nature or severity of your challenges.